Classic Hand-Woven Textiles Located in Sullivan, Maine

Welcome to Moosetrack Handweaving

My name is Camilla Stege (rhymes with Peggy). I grew up in northern New Jersey, graduated from Barnard College (B.A.) in New York City and Rutgers University (M.L.S.). I have lived in Maine since 1972.

Camilla Stege

My interest in weaving began while I was a cataloging librarian at the University of Vermont in 1968: some weaving publications passed across my desk and I have been ensnared by threads ever since.

I studied all the weaving books and periodicals I could find, then took an intensive one-on-one workshop with Janet Nyquist, a nationally known weaver from the Albany area. Her versatility, problem solving skills, and her passion for creating beautiful functional textiles have been a continuing inspiration.

I believe in making useful, attractive and durable textiles, well designed and meticulously executed. I know the things I make will be in use and part of someone's life for many years. Each creation is an original design, taken from concept through hand weaving and finishing by the artist.